How We Met
Jesse and I first started talking on MySpace, after
Charlie, a friend of ours told me about him. After
communicating online and checking out each
others profiles we felt an immediate connection
and decided we should meet in person.
The first time we met was at a casual get together
in Charlie's garage. We immediately hit it off and
we have pretty much been inseparable ever since.
When we got engaged
October 13, 2008
How it Happened
After Jesse asked my dad for permission to marry me, we headed to our condo to sleep
there for the first time (we just closed on it two weeks prior). I was getting ready for
bed...bath robe, make-upless and all, when Jesse called for me to join him by the fireplace.
I told him we should go to bed since it was getting late. He said we couldn't just yet (He was
acting super nervous) and then kneeled down on one knee and said "Jessica Marie Veit,
make me the happiest man in the world....will you marry me?" I said yes. After a few
moments of kissing he showed me that he had been taping the whole thing!!
Our Story